Nachoha (nachoha) wrote in metaquotes,

Mmmm Turkey....

chowyunsmut Talking about a customer that just didn't get it, back when she worked at an adult store.

He came in, he had been in before. I didn't remember him, but apparently I stuck in his head. James and I were paying him no real mind, just going about our business and cracking each other up, as is our wont. Candyman is lingering around near the counter, making attempts at wit. He picks up one of the trial vials of Eros Bodyglide (it's a lube, in a small glass vial with "Eros Bodyglide" printed on the side). This is how the conversation went.

Candyman: What's this?

Me: It's lubricant.

C: how do you use it?

Me: *blink*

Miz Black Lady: You put it on turkey.

C: What?

MBL: Yeah, you just spread it on while it's baking, and it helps it turn golden brown and stay juicy and stuff.

C: Really? No....why would you sell that in a store like this? Wait. It says "eros body....hey! This isn't for turkey! This is for sex!

M: Absolutely not! Why would we sell something FOR SEX in a STORE LIKE THIS???
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