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For the gaming geeks out there

The illustrious, ever-witty tsukikoushi and beeblebabe conspire to speculate on the fashion-knowledgeable's reaction to the general attire in Tales of Symphonia.

tsukikoushi: Boy, they would shred Regal.
beeblebabe: "We're unsure of what statement Duke Bryant is attempting to make with the bare-midriff/manacles combo, but were pretty sure the punctuation at the end of it is !?!?!?!?!"
tsukikoushi: XDDDD
beeblebabe: On Zelos' formal wear: "Okay. You lost the headband. We're proud of you. But did you have to get your tux made by an irate cake decorator on meth?"
tsukikoushi: On Sheena: 'For some reason, you've decided that wearing a huge pink bow on your butt is a good idea. That's all right, we're all entitled to our little quirks--LO I HAVE SEEN THE VALLEY OF DEATH'

See the whole thing here. It's worth a read.
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