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boxfulofkittens has an amusing comment in reply to my post in bad_rpers_suck found here.

channonyarrow: Christ on a cracker. I'm thinking there's got to be a Biblical RPS RPG out there that has less fucking drama than this. Anyone got one? Preferred chars: Judas, Simon Peter, Pontius Pilate. Preferred ship: Jesus/Judas, Peter/Pontius Pilate.

boxfulofkittens: "Okay, forgive me, but I just absolutely have to rant,
"There's this girl who's absolutely ruining our game: we'll call her M. We're trying to run a big, involved campaign, with lots of political intrigue and quiet machinations in factions of the Senate, and suddenly, she shows up: so much angst about her sad and lonely past growing up dirt poor in a tiny villiage, until she found her TWUE WUV... It's sickening to watch her and J. together, really!
"And the worst part? Her description: blonde, with blue eyes. Completely and totally wrong for our setting!
"She's a friend of the Mod, though, and so she snuck through the applications >.< So, we just tried to ignore her, but then she goes and get's M.pregnant, talking about how there's no father, and how the baby is going to be so speshul and "fulfil all the ancient prophesies"... Argh!
"ANd so now this kid is running around, completely derailing all of our plots and making himself the center of attention,
"And he constantly, *constantly* godmods!"
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