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NOTE: Does NOT contain actual spoilers

From the brilliant mind of jim_smith:

KARL ROVE: You wanted to see me, sir?

GEORGE W. BUSH: Sit down, Karl.  I think you know what this is about.

ROVE: Yes, Mr. President.  You said you'd fire anyone involved in that whole CIA leak thing.  If it comes to that, sir, I'll understand.

BUSH: I appreciate that, Karl, but I think you're overreacting.  I figure we can beat this thing inside of a week.

ROVE: You think so, sir?

BUSH: Sure.  Heck, all you did was expose the identity of a CIA official to screw with her husband for opposing our foreign policy.  It's not like that's illegal or anything.  So what if it undermines our national security in the middle of a worldwide war on terrorism?  The point is you showed everybody you can't screw with the Bush Administration.

ROVE: Wow, thanks sir.

BUSH: Thank you, Karl.  Gimme five.

ROVE: [high-fives the President] Man, I can't tell you what a load off my mind this is, sir.  I haven't felt so good since I found out Dumbledore kills Ron.

BUSH: I'm sorry...what?

ROVE: Oh, it's this book I've been reading, you wouldn't...

BUSH: Dumbledore...kills Ron!?!  Ron Weasley?

ROVE: Uh...yes, Mr. President.  The Half-Blood Prince makes him do it with a mind-control spell.

BUSH: You've read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince?  Karl, that book isn't supposed to be out until July 16!!!

ROVE: Well sure, but I have some friends at Amazon.com, and I'm a H/Hr shipper, so I just had to make sure they get together and...

BUSH: They get together!?

ROVE: Well, yeah.  After Miggerus Jansso turns out to be the Half-Blood Prince, they—

BUSH: OMG stop spoiling me!

[A crack team of Bloomsbury commandos smashes through the windows and doors, securing the Oval Office and pointing rifles at Rove]

COMMANDO: We've heard everything, Mr. President.  We'll take over from here.

Read the rest here!
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