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'House' family-bonding: good for what ails you.

In an effort to do some sisterly bonding, I've gotten my sister into House. So for the past two weeks, we've spent Tuesday nights watching House re-runs. Which is fine. Except yesterday, she came home in hives because of some allergic reaction from something we've yet to determine. Probably alkaseltzer. I dunno.

Anyway, the hives are icky and itchy and have spread a bit, and my sister is convinced she is dying. Or has leprosy, like that kid on House. Or is allergic to copper and has copper inside her, like that nun on House. Come tomorrow's episode, she'll probably have that too. And she's very vocal about being just like a patient on House. >.<

I took her to buy some cortisone cream, and I figure if that doesn't work she'll just have to see a doctor. Preferably one with a cane.

But now I'm going to sleep, because I promised to wake up early and make her pancakes. Some House shaped ones.

- annapeace, here.
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