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AoA Revolution
dreality wrote in metaquotes
Over at the snarky bitchfest that is ohnotheydidnt, someone posted an article about Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and the "secret sex scenes" someone hacked into the game and found. So tinkermellie gives us a little perspective.

DUDE I TOTALLY AGREE. video games influence your real life all the time!
Like, after I played mario when I was little I would beat up my turtle because I knew it had coins, dammit.

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OK, I didn't just say that. Really, I didn't.

(Deleted comment)
he is DANCING to my MUSIC.


also: elololol xd.

Dom is a dancing machine, yo. :D

And yet strangely amusing.

Oh man, after all the duck hunt I used to play, it's a really good thing for my dog that I didn't own a gun.

ahahaha indeed! Good to know I wasn't the only one who didn't care how futile it was, just kept pulling the trigger every time that damn dog popped up.

(Deleted comment)
reminds me of a shirt:

Video games don't influence kids. If pacman influenced us as children, we'd all be sitting around in dark rooms, munching magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music.

you mean you don't...? oh.


In honor of this topic...

I don't remember where I got this from, but I think it fits the occasion.

Ha! Reminds me of the guy who is building a life-size Mario game in his town.

He basically made those "?" boxes, put something in them, and hung them on random trees in his neighbourhood. Anyone could try to punch the box and they'd get a surprise.


That is incredible. I'd be more excited if I knew there were *hidden* ones you could punch and then get either immortality or a beanstalk.

The surprise was that the boxes were empty. Jerk.

(Deleted comment)
after i played grand theft auto III i had the urge to steal a taxi and find some hookers. with a baseball bat.

hot coffee! hot coffee!

just sayin'.

(Deleted comment)
oh man, after pokemon i tried putting my guinea pigs into little balls and throwing them at things... they never popped out, though :(

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