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Scattering Periods

In the comments of this post:

andromeda_25: I have a friend that gets to see all my stuff before I post it and tell me if it sucks, and she'll occasionally tell me that I'm a verbose little critter who enjoys commas and semicolons and hyphens waaay too much -- which I am -- and I'd better hack those huge sentences up into smaller bits --

But I do the same thing to her, heh.

And yes, I do realize that entire paragraph was just two sentences, *lol*

supernifty: *twitches at the lack of punctuation*

You did that just to spite me, did you?! :p

andromeda_25: Yes, I did. Just for you. ^_^

Here you can scatter periods in there, if you like: ...........

supernifty: *tosses periods out like seeds*

I feel soooo Johnny Applepunctuation...

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