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When cartoonists snark

In a comment to this post in bluerain's journal, kevinjdog has a few things to say about Bruce Tinsley, the creator of "Mallard Fillmore" (a conservative "comic" strip - and we use that term very loosely in this case)....

You know something, for ducks (ha ha) I decided to actually look at a few Mallard Fillmore strips to see what sort of Little Green Foot-in-mouth Tinsley is purveying. I've noticed a few things.

1) If there's any proof that someone can have a mass-marketed strip based on twenty minutes' worth of artwork a day, this is it.
2) If I lived in an empty void surrounded by nearly unreadable lettering, maybe I'd have a constipated viewpoint too.
3) There are a surfeit of "jokes" about growing old. It's like the only non-political topic he ever talks about. It makes me believe Tinsley isn't a lot of fun at parties.

The entire post and its comments are just as amusing.
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