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Internet cookies to the first person who finds a way to turn this into an icon!

from reallybadpoetry, in this entry (which you should really read because Professor Roy brings teh funney hardcore):

Is every sky-dwelling creature enslaved by some malevolent force? That's kind of nervewracking. Because if they're subject to the orders of this evil force, you could be walking to work one morning and Rocky the Flying Squirrel will knock you down from behind and stick a shiv into your neck. And the last thing you hear is Rocky (June Foray) saying "I'm so sorry, Mister. You don't understand. I'm not free. My will is not my own." Maybe this future apocalypse is exactly what Sam is talking about when she says, "Luminous rays pierce the air / Like millions of spears." In other words, radioactive bats wielding sharp pointed sticks, all named Ray. "Victory is ours, Ray!" "Yes! Semper fi, Ray!" And if this isn't how the world will end, it's a great idea for a Saturday morning cartoon show.
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