The WeyrdChic (weyrdchic) wrote in metaquotes,
The WeyrdChic

Holdover from the London attacks...

Because I've been dying to metaquote for some time...

From a friends-locked entry at jessicareloaded's journal, with permission. In response to the London bombings:

I am so very sick of this "we do it in the name of GOD!" shit. God has nothing to do with this. Quite frankly, if I were an angry god, I wouldn't send some shady-ass people with plastic explosives and some cell phones out to do my bidding. Hello? I'd be GOD! I'd point my omniscent, omnipotent, all-powerful finger at the offending population and rain fire and brimstone and other firey retribution upon their heathen heads. (And damn sure it wouldn't be on London. Ahem.) Then, I'd drop down in the middle of the chaos, and remind the people that yeah, I'm God, and you need to stop doing stuff that makes me angry. And yeah, you, the guy in the back, stop picking your nose. Show some respect, all right?
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