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Close your eyes and think of England

The delightful sauvagerie shares this about the announcement of the 2012 Olympics city:

(Scene: Singapore + worldwide live satellite linkups)

IOC President Guy: We have the honor to announce that the summer Olympics for 2012 are awarded to the city of...
Candidate city delegations: *hold breath & clasp hands like Miss America finalists*
TV audience: Come on, come on!
IOC President Guy: ...LONDON!
British delegation: *goes batshit crazy*
Trafalgar Square: *goes batshit crazy .001 second later*
France: *frustrated muttering, lighting of cigarettes*

There's more about how incredibly unsuitable Dallas is for the Olympics, but being batshit crazy Dallas, they went for it some time ago before it fizzled and evaporated like a Slurpee dropped on a Texas sidewalk in August.
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