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Found on customers_suck

Lets see if I can post this to the community instead of my personal journal twice!

Posted with permission from blondebeaker:

This is taken from an exchange she had with a moronic customer while she was out shopping:

*now the PMS rage has peaked* KFC is not a fucking disability, lady! Get off the goddamn scooter yourself now or I will make you get off. CHOOSE.

The original post can be seen here

EDIT: I didn't realize that the above line could be taken as over weight person bashing. It is not. The above mentioned lady wanted to use a scooter and came very close to knocking an older gentleman with one leg down so she could get to the scooter first. Then WHINES about it!

My apologies to blondebeaker For almost making her look like an ass and stuff.

(note to self: DOn't post on painkillers)
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