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Porn Generation!

My good friend tristantzara put himself through all kinds of hell so that he could tell us to not read anything by Ben Shapiro over here. You should read his complete analysis of the book "Porn Generation." It's a hoot.

"Instead of recognizing that the sexual obsessions of the media are based off of American society's repressive attitudes, he immediately takes the position that more sex will always equal more sex--in other words, greater sexual openness and demystification in society will increase the media infatuation with sexuality, and all "behind closed doors" practices will become open, everyday knowledge. Don't call Shapiro fascist, however: "We are not fascists--in fact, fascism's Nietzschean ideals are antithetical to traditional morality." Shapiro is a lot like the nerd who misses the point of a reference or joke because of an over-infatuation with informational minutiae. Sad is really what it is."
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