Marg (eimran) wrote in metaquotes,

I love my friend megapope

Welcome citizen, to the newly established Ministry of Child Licenses. As you are no doubt aware, since our lord and master Dan became king and systematically put his enemies up against the wall, the people of the world are now required to fill out these license forms in order to pass their filthy genes onto the next generation.

We assure you that Lord Dan has your best interests at heart, and is doing this to stop yet another generation of mulleted dullards being raised by people who aren't qualified to baby sit a potato, much less turn a small bag of howling meat into a productive member of our brave new world.

And so without further ado, please look to the form below and fill out these simple questions. Keep in mind that you will be hooked up to a lie detector during the test, and please ignore what looks to be a trapdoor directly underneath your seat.

1) Do you have a mullet?

2) Do you listen to Creed?

3) Did you believe that Saddam Hussein had sneakily been helping Osama Bin Laden by using his terrorist mind powers?


And it continues on from there. But I found the beginning the funniest.
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