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Over on stupidpetowners, dyinginwinter describes a new, Disney-sponsored brand of dog food, with a picture of Old Yeller on the cover.

So, I still have enough time to peruse the ingredients list before my husband comes to hang over me to see what I am reading and think 'oh gods, here she is about to go on a tirade about bad dog food again'. Ground yellow corn, meat and bone meal, chicken by-product meal, wheat middlings... (not in order as listed on the bag, can't recall the exact order, but the ground corn was first) you know, things you would expect to be in Ol' Roy, Chip's Best, Big Top, Pet Pride (Kroger brand), Sunshine, crap like that. And what is Old Yeller most known for? Rabies. Just like Cujo but not as much of a monster. I would think that more (stupid) people would remember the rabies thing more than they'd remember the story of a boy and his dog. Ugh. And you know that the stupid dog owners of America (because I don't know if this has managed to get overseas yet, lucky you if it has not) are all going to be like: OMGZ!!!1 It am Disney dog food! Bubba and Chiquita likes teh Disney!!11 Am buy teh puppy this becuz Disney am teh roxorz!lol!! It cheap dog food, $9.99 for 50 poundz!!

Disney, making Wal*Mart pale in comparison in the land of the Evil Empire.

And in the comments, porcupine8 has this to say:

Wow.... Could they send a better message.... If you feed your dog this crap, you might as well take him out back and shoot him!
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