Tim (timthief) wrote in metaquotes,

uesugi_rin: writes about the joys of life in the Philippines

This only reminds me that someday, when people in general finally annoy me beyond the breaking point, I can simply bring a machine gun to work, kick out one of the window panes, and open happy fire at the unsuspecting people below. And really, I talk about this constant rallies rather nonchalantly, but if you'd lived in the Philippines for as long as I did, you can almost pass by ongoing revolutions in the street or those mad bus bombings along the metropolis without barely batting an eye. Naturally, if I was born and raised in the States (heaven forbid) and for some inane reason had to visit the Philippines, I would probably write about these things with a little more concern, like "OMGWTF the Philippines is going to have another revolution here to ouster the current Philippine President! Again! And a bomb just went off at the train station last week! What a bunch of scary hoodlums! I also bought the Pirates of the Carribean DVD here for like one dollar, ha!"

Ahhh... gotta love living in Manila. SNAFU everyday, everyway. I love living here.

Reading back on that, I don't know if I was sarcastic or not. Oy.
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