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Canada Day Preparations!

ishyface has a pre-Canada celebration here. Here's some highlights:

"ANYWAY! In true Canadian style, I have decided to have a preemptive Canada Day celebration here on my LJ. What does my version of a Canada Day celebration entail, I hear you ask?
Why, apologizing for things that were/are All Our Fault, naturally.

Item the First: Pamela Anderson
She's Canadian, although her breasts probably are not. For this we are deeply sorry.
Item the Second: The War of 1812
Treaty be damned, we WON that war! We were definitely asking to be invaded and should have twiddled our thumbs and thought of the Motherland until you big strong Yanks were done with us. Burning down the White House was one of the coolest things we've ever done completely unnecessary. Sorry.
Item the Ninth: Hayden Christensen
Words cannot express our embarrassment.
Item the Tenth: Being bigger than everyone else (except Russia)
Your size issues are all our fault. Because we are really, really big. Huge, even. You just won't believe how vastly, mind-bogglingly big we are."

Read them all. It's delightful.

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