Subtlety? Not my strong suit. (all_ephemera) wrote in metaquotes,
Subtlety? Not my strong suit.

After a whiny flocked post of mine about my disturbing lack of a sex drive, my friend scary_being_me  had these suggestions to offer:

"Or it could be that you're in a rut. Try something new.

Have sex in a risky place.
Try a kink that interests you; but you've been afraid to try.
Act out one of your fantasies. Use props and costumes if necessary.
Have him give you a full body massage with flavored oil.
Buy a new toy and let him try it out on you. For added fun, let him pick it out for you.
Go to a bar separately. Pretend you don't know each other. Make him pick you up. Don't make it too easy.
Go someplace public. Discreetly have foreplay for a couple of hours.
Wear clothes you don't mind getting destroyed. Let him rip them off of you. Don't make it too easy.

DISCLAIMER: For entertainment/informational purposes only. No warranty is made concerning suitability for any purpose or legality in any jurisdiction. No implied or expressed warranties of any kind are made. Use at own risk. Do not attempt without adult supervision. Not for internal consumption. Drink responsibly. Keep away from children and pets. Not designed for use in microwave or dishwasher. All sales final. May cause drowsiness. Do not operate heavy machinery while using this product."


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