Sam (foxymouse) wrote in metaquotes,

In buying my brother, chakotey, a paid account, I figured I might as well read what he wrote. And I found this:

T'was the night before grad, and all through the house, everything was abuzz, even the mouse.
My suit was hung in the closet with care, earlier today I took a brush to it to get off all of Ichi's dog hair.
Soon my parents found their way to bed, the image of drunken teens partying in their heads.
I played away at Final Fantasy, my latest party was a travesty, and soon the clock struck twelve. Not alot rhymes with twelve.
Toxic screamed from my mp3 player as I watched a movie about a woman and the man that loved 'er.
Turning off the horribly acted movie, it came to my attention that most of tomorrow night would go without retention.
On goes the fridge in the basement to chill our drinks, and tomorrow will rock methinks.
I'm nervous and excited for this banquet, I hope I do nothing I regret.
Nothing real is going to happen, the school was just money trappin'.
$59 for some chicken and rice!? What a ludicrous price! The ceremony isn't until June, I hope it is nice.
Soon in the Grand Am me, Danny, and Twsa will climb, and then we'll drive downtown and wait in line!
Oh what a wonderful night it will be! Teresa, Devin, Katie and Me!
Joceyln, Laura, and Danielle as well, with the aid of Faith and Finch this party'll be swell!
Terri and Christina will be joining us that night, I hope no one gets into a fight.
You see Laura and Joceyln do not get along, but they both like Katie which is why they've put up with each other for so long.
Teresa is a mean drunk! She's a bit of a punk, that liquor goes to her brain and brings us all pain.
Although the fighting may soon commence, I'm saying only good things will happen forth-hence!

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