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Thou shalt not...

baylor_w has taken the time to translate the Commandments so that we don't have to muddle through them.

Too long to quote it all (as many of his entries are), but here's a snippet:

The list goes on. Way more than 10 commandments. God says men can marry lots of women (Exodus 21:10), if a man doesn't treat a woman well (specifically, by selling her to foreigners), a woman is automatically divorced and can go away (but she doesn't get any money). And you're allowed to kill anyone who hits his mom or dad. In fact, you have to. So remember rule #7 [[thou shalt not kill]] above? God says to forget that, he made a mistake. Also, if you say anything bad about your mom or dad, everyone gets to kill you.

You are also allowed to kill anyone who buys, sells or owns slaves (Exodus 21:16). So any nation that has had slaves deserves to be wiped from the map. Good thing The United States never owned slaves. Hey, wait...

The rest is here.

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