tell them stories (djcati) wrote in metaquotes,
tell them stories

from angryletters

This post by roq. A letter with complaints to a manufacturer of a certain product:

My nervous system. I'm not entirely sure what's wrong here, but there is definitely some faulty wiring. For example, various parts of my module will go numb for no apparent reason. Not necessarily the extremities; I could understand that. No, I'm talking about things like my tongue. As I'm in the middle of a conversation. Not the entire tongue, either. No, just the middle will go numb, for example. And while I'm on the subject, my module is subject to hot and cold flashes. Seeing as how my module is not old enough to be going through menopause, that means there is something else wrong. Fix it. Completely rewire it, if you have to.
P.S. I have heard that peripheral vision is really cool. Is that an upgrade? How much will it cost to be my module upgraded?

The whole thing is classic; perfectly valid complaints. :)

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