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On playing Scrabble with Einstein.

gimp_bizkit over at indietitsfeed says...

Albert Einstein would just put down a bunch of letters, like QUZJARX, right on a triple-word, just so he could get all sorts of points. And you'd call him on it, and be all like, "That's not a word, Albert." And he'd just go on and on about some theory of relativity offshoot and just make up some definition for QUZJARX, "Oh, it's a subatomic particle found exclusively during lightspeed through a black hole." And shit, man, you can't doubt him. He's Einstein. He knows his shit. You just have to give him the points, and then make CAT, or if you're lucky, CATS. Einstein mutters under his breath and says, "Yeah, there's a nice words." Trust me, you don't wanna play Scrabble against him.

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