the unmuse (raspberryfixx) wrote in metaquotes,
the unmuse

kosherpork on settling for love where you can get it.

"Sure, why not? If you're that desperate for human companionship, seek out a nice lesbian girl."

Zionist Spinster: ...yadda, yadda, yadda...I had unprotected sex with him, I think I might be pregnant. My period's late. If I do get pregnant, I'm gonna keep it. I want a husband and a family of my own. I'm 34 and I'm not getting any younger! It would be nice if we got married, but that won't happen because I've already dumped him. I don't know if I'll ever find Mr. Right! I know I probably won't be paired up in my lifetime, but at least I'll have a baby to keep me company. I'll have someone to love me and stay with me, even if no man would, and I know I'll be a good parent. Why I can't find a man?! Someone to love and care for me?! I don't want to spend the rest of my life alonnneeee.

Kosherpork (insert exasperated anime face here): This theory may be way out there, but what if your "Mr. Right" isn't a man? I mean "the one" meant specially for you, your true love, isn’t packaged the way you expected? You may want to consider dipping into the lesbian dating pool before you make the final move to saddle yourself with another human life you'll be responsible for 20+ years.

Zionist Spinster: Are you kidding?! Hook up with a girl?!

Kosherpork: Sure, why not? If you're that desperate for human companionship, seek out a nice lesbian girl. Men has given you enough grief as it is, right? You got to give love to get love. Expecting a baby to give you the unconditional love that you couldn't get from your family, boyfriend, and friends is unrealistic and foolhardy. Besides, what if your baby grows up to hate you? What will you do then?

And Kosherpork ended up with an ice pack over her shoulder marked black and blue.


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