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Wonder if I was that unique...

Sometimes I find it very hard to hate kids. Like after reading this post by my friend fuzzytale, describing an amusing day with her two children.

Kids are least mine are. My eldest (eleven) and youngest (six tomorrow) have been wrestling and playing in the living room. It degenerated into some kind of strange game involving eldest's wooden knitting needle which youngest named Friend and is now deeply attached to. Eldest then decided (rightly) that knitting needles aren't the best playthings in the world and hid it, announcing it had died....><

Youngest is now busily building it a new body from legos, carrying on a chipper little monologue in which she is declaring her intentions to put "Friend's" spirit back in his new body when she's all finished and they' assorted six year old things. I know a tea party was mentioned in there somewhere. Kid has American Girl dolls, stuffed animals up the wazoo, Breyer horses, dragons and dinos and unicorns and...yeah, you get the picture...and she's making a new 'body' for a dead knitting needle so it can be her best friend. Frankensquid, anyone?

God, I love parenthood. :)

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