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ironychan reviews The Hulk!

From an IM chat she had with a friend:

Ironychan: The first half-hour was okay, considering that nothing really important seemed to happen.
Ironychan: The next hour and a half were lots of action sequences that didn't really seem to go anywhere and took too long... and I can't believe nobody ever looked at the script and said, "guys... the bad guy in this section is a mutant poodle."
SailorN1: *dies*
Ironychan: The last half hour can only be described as... well, y'know those 'what the shit' icons that are everywhere? That.
SailorN1: Wow. O_o
Ironychan: There was this guy who could merge with anything he touched, so he became Lightning Man, Rock Man, and Water Man in quick succession. Good thing those were available, 'cause Vinyl Man, Park Bench Man, and Linoleum Man wouldn't have had nearly the visual impact.

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