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The Goth of The Princess Bride

As seen here: on the LJ of what_the_jack

You know, people mock goths and shit, but they neglect the fact that one of the most romantic symbols of 80's cinema was one: Wesley, the Dread Pirate Roberts.

Oh, you dismiss my claim so easily, fair reader! Consider the following:

-A penchant for black.
-Melodramatic as hell.
-Ingests poison.
-Places himself in situations that ends up with him in disturbing amounts of pain.
-Handy with a blade.

And, of course, the money shot: "Life is pain, highness."

Come to think of it, almost everyone in that movie has some angsty "I-hate-my-soul" stuff going on.

Inigo: "I am scarred from failing to avenge my father, and my liver is shot to hell."
Buttercup: "My Wesley is gone; I must stab my perfect breasts."
Prince: "She loves another, oh woe is me. Never mind that I'm going to kill the bitch, she could at least fake it for the last five minutes of life she has."
Miracle Max: "The Prince fired me, and my reason to be has left. I would slit my wrists if not for the fact that I'd only end up mostly dead."

I should check out the book, see if it's nearly as Depressing. With a capital D and that rhymes with P and that stands for PAIN.

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