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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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-head explodes-
Top Model - Ms J
joshualore wrote in metaquotes
sarcastro shares in a locked post some notes about mothers.

In other news, Snicker of the Morning goes to piperdawn for the line:
I swear it on my mother's long overdue grave.


And my mom's all like, OMGwhenareyoucomingwhatdoyouwanttoeatareyoustayingwithShawnaandJulianddon'tforgettobringswimstuffsoyoucanplayinthepoolwhatareyouhungryfordidyougetthetimeoffareyoucomingareyoucomingweeeeeeee!!!!!

Well... okay, not QUITE that, but it doesn't seem quite so far off.

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Ahhhh...you're the bastard who's messed up my friends page by posting one massive long line... :P

Holy crap, piperdawn and I must be sharing a mother, because that is so exactly how my mom is!

mine too, but she gets gramma on call waiting and there's no stopping them.

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