Nora Bombay (norabombay) wrote in metaquotes,
Nora Bombay

Pro Scurvy

Okay, I think we need to address the fakers that are coming onto this site. Being pro-scurvy isn't "cool"; it isn't "trendy." It's something I live with every day of my life, and to see these faker teenybopper "Oh, I need to lose three teeth by prom" sluts come on here really pisses me off. I wouldn't wish scurvy on my WORST ENEMY'S SISTER'S DOG! Go drink your orange juice! Take those Vitamin C pills! It's too late for us. SAVE YOURSELVES. AND GET OFF OUR BOARD, YOU FULL TEETHED SLUT WHORE JUICERS.

zosiablue, in pro_scurvy

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