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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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Drinking Game Ahoy!
Fighting Stitch
neonnurse wrote in metaquotes
From archanglrobriel

Tonight the president is giving an address to tell us what he's going to do about Iraq. Well, that's one theory anyway. I figure he's not going to tell us anything new so who wants to join me in the 9/11-references drinking game? Truly, it's the only way to watch the presidential addresses. Doing a shot every time Bushie-boy makes a gratuitous and pandering reference to "terrorism" and "9/11" gets you good and drunk and that keeps your head from exploding.

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Don't forget "Freedom!" You'll be sloshed in ten minutes :)

Do we get a triple-shot for "Freedom from terror in the post-9/11 era"?

That's when you start drinking from the bottle.

You have to go and finish the drink any time he mentions "staying the course", and if he makes one of his fabulous mistakes (Tokya is not a car company) it's time to go flash someone.

that should have been Tokyo. I swear I haven't been prepping for the drinking game.... *toddles off*

Is it sad that I recognize that as being vamp willow? (your icon)

Nope, not sad at all. Of course, I'm an addict.

I just won't bother getting dressed then, because his entire presidency is a fabulous mistake.

Yes: if I wanted to flash someone, I'd have to put some clothes on.

You are so meta-meta'd it makes me tingle inside. ;-D

Good and drunk? Try 'dead from alcohol poisoning'.

How about knocking back the whole bottle when he makes up words? The only problem is that you might start doing it yourself, with that much alcohol in your system.

Oh, I think you're just misunderestimating him!


I guess I am. I mean, clearly this is a man who cares -- he wakes up every morning and asks himself, "Is our children learning?"


Jees, give the guy a break! He's just trying to put food on his family!

Yeah. And protect us from nucular war.

Great entry, but I think what's even funnier is the drooling smilie face that signifies "anticipatory" in your mood section :)

I always forget that a community group will probably have a different icon set. In this case, I used the picture for...gosh, I think it WAS drunk. Which in the cute little hamsters shows the hammy as dizzy looking with bubbles over her head. I added my own word, as I often do. Guess the green throwing up face works for anticipatory as well! :)

(Deleted comment)
Yup, we did that too. I found a lovely combination of vodka and lemonade that got me COMPLETELY sloshed... Of course, the fact that we were taking a swig every time there was a half-house ovation kinda helped....

(Deleted comment)
Aw, no fun. Us underage people are also royally screwed. We have to do it with some kind of incredibly caffeinated drink. Unfortunately, they don't make you pass out and thus you have to watch the whole speech.

The time is 8:06 PM. i have already lost count at 28.

I... I'm sorry, I have to give up. He's been talking for five fucking minutes and I've already lost count.

Bush is a Uniter after all - both of us were baffled by him at the same time.

ummmm, is he supposed to look so much like a gorilla in that icon?

My complete total comes to forty-three; including CNN's total of six references to 9/11.

It's a really good thing I don't drink.

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