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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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Death of a "Best Friend"
Study Much?
msanborn wrote in metaquotes
or something like that...

from the lj of the lovely spazzychic

and cut for

"A dear electrical friend of my... um... heart, who has been in various drawers and dark places with me over the years, has finally buzzed it's last and perished. It never wavered except when asked, never shirked except when new batteries were required...

It got me through some hard, and sometimes slippery situations. It stood tall, and firm, no matter what.


Goodbye, blue buddy. I will miss you!!"

I so know that sense of loss....

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(Deleted comment)
It's like a long chain of icon-induced death, then, as yours just made me die/pee a little.

(Deleted comment)
I don't want to know how you know that.

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(Deleted comment)
Mine's blue, too. And fucking expensive. I will be a sad, sad girl when it kicks it...

Mine's Hawaiian print. I love it.

my little pink friend (named Bob) sleeps in this pretty purple box.

good ol' Bob... I had one with such name as well.

you know sometimes you can re-wire them... kinda like frankenstein... only with silver bullets

I'd be afraid it would "wire" me right back!


Reading this thread, all I can think is this.

I still mourn my Captain Carrot. But at least I still have Fat Rabbit to console me.


Your icon! David! GAH! :::dies:::

That is the best thing, like, ever. :::dies some more:::

Can I humbly ask to copy and use? I would be insanely grateful.

first link; didn't work

second link; oh what a beautiful thing *grin*

(Deleted comment)
I would HATE it if my mother bought me one.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
would appear so!

I don't have a blue one, I feel left out.

this is probably the most entertaining thread I've seen on metaquotes so far.lol

I aim to please.

or something.


My first is still my favorite. It's a purple octopus.

And the thing is, I have this absolute horror of octopi. I cannot even stand thinking about them.

But I buy one to put where?!?!?! I can't figure that one out.

You do indeed have issues.

*backs away*

My little blue friend has a special place under my bed. Fortunately, most of my family is scared to even enter my room, much less snoop.

Mine is purple! And it glows in the dark! Unfortunately, it's latex, which I'm allergic to...

wsa it a gift or did you purchase it not knowing you'd be allergic?

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(Deleted comment)
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