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Unlikely Superheroes, anyone?
Red Sag
arabwel wrote in metaquotes
In response to my post here, dee_emm has much to say...

I find that altogether hilarious...

"Nooo! The sinister Bushman is restricting porn!"
"Fear not, young ones! They will tremble beneath the power of...PORNMAN!"
"Bushman! Prepare to face your doom!!!!"
"Hahaha! You will never stop me! We will rid the world of porn! Restriction Attack!"
"Nooo! Must...keep...moving!"
"And now for the coup de grace...Mass Destruction!"
"Aha! *leaps up and pushes Bushman off the building* Now I have you!"
"Yay! The Pornman saved the day! Thanks, Pornman!"
"Hahaha! I could never have done it without the power of the porn! Be good kids, and I'll be back next time!"
"Tomorrow...prepare for the invasion of the Porn00bs! Same time, same channel, same Pornman!"
"And remember kids, jacking off improves your eyesight!"

^ That is an unlikely, but possible, scenario. Man I'm a freak.

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I wish Pornman was secretly an excellent lawyer, or politician, so that he could actually get rid of this ridiculous bill. But I'd settle for sensational murder schemes, if it came to that.

Pornman's secret identity just so happens to be a lawyer. Do you know him?

I couldn't be the only person out there thinking of "I BUKKAKE FOR JUSTICE!", right?

No, you were not.

I was also thinking of Orgazmo!

*Spits Iced Tea all over her monitor* ^^;;

It's been awhile since I've read that...looks like I need to do some catching up.

Thanks for the giggle!

Oh, it gets better than that. In a sense, the law behind this act makes sense. However, they are going entirely too far with it, and especially holding relayers like Google, etc. responsible as well (which will most likely be overturned in court).

However, it goes further than that. Did you know that certain things are illegal to depict in pornographic films? This outraged me when I read it. So much for freedom of speech, eh?

http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/porn/prosecuting/ and in particular, http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/porn/interviews/sanchez.html (warning, the text is not altogether work-friendly, duh... it's porn-talk...)

It's a bit old, but still up-to-date legally. It just makes me sick.

Now, see, I'm fine with making snuff films, child porn and bestiality illegal, because murder is illegal and children and animals can't consent. But the idea that you would prosecute fisting? That's just dumb.

Agreed. And not just fisting, but things like bukakke and some BDSM. And really, I dislike the whole "if it looks like a child, it's illegal, even if it's really an adult" law, too. *shakes head*

Free speech?! You're promoting the decay of family values and of teh CHILDRIN!!!1!11 You anti-American... liberal!! (oooo... burn.)

I'm reminded of that lawyer-type working for Bush who basically claimed that mastrubation releases the same chemicals in your brain as several drugs do, and should, therefore, be illegal. Or something to that effect, at least.

Masturbation - Cheaper than drugs!

*looks around...masturbates furiously*

Cheaper, and with no messy middleman.

Unless you're into that sort of thing. >.>

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