Total fuckup with great taste in music (arabwel) wrote in metaquotes,
Total fuckup with great taste in music

Unlikely Superheroes, anyone?

In response to my post here, dee_emm has much to say...

I find that altogether hilarious...

"Nooo! The sinister Bushman is restricting porn!"
"Fear not, young ones! They will tremble beneath the power of...PORNMAN!"
"Bushman! Prepare to face your doom!!!!"
"Hahaha! You will never stop me! We will rid the world of porn! Restriction Attack!"
"Nooo! Must...keep...moving!"
"And now for the coup de grace...Mass Destruction!"
"Aha! *leaps up and pushes Bushman off the building* Now I have you!"
"Yay! The Pornman saved the day! Thanks, Pornman!"
"Hahaha! I could never have done it without the power of the porn! Be good kids, and I'll be back next time!"
"Tomorrow...prepare for the invasion of the Porn00bs! Same time, same channel, same Pornman!"
"And remember kids, jacking off improves your eyesight!"

^ That is an unlikely, but possible, scenario. Man I'm a freak.

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