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Name Withheld

(originally posted by bloodfyr in a friends-locked post; reposted here with permission)

This is scary
Corroborated by this
There's no possible way for them to truly enforce this. Internet porn will die down, but it will be back when this whole thing blows over.

But still. With GLARING evidence of Bush's lies being totally ignored by the media, the Republicans running this nation like it's their own private estate, and now feels like we've taken the next big step to 1984.

Calling myself an American...actually brings up a little bile to the back of my throat now. Fuck patriotism, fuck George Bush. I'm moving to Canada as soon as I can. How can we call ourselves the most powerful nation on Earth, the shining torch of freedom, liberty, and democracy when the rights of our own citizens are being oppressed more and more daily, and we're not doing anything about it except sitting on our collectively overweight asses, and munching Doritos.

Bush puts on his shiny armor, and gets on his horse and rides off into the distance to fight the tyranny of terrorism abroad, and "indecency and un-American values" here at home...and is pissing all over the graves of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington, who risked a traitor's death to free their land from the grasp of religious, imperialistic kings like Bush is turning out to be.

Yes, this law is a law in words only. I can't be enforced. But the VERY IDEA that this law could come into effect in a nation THAT WAS CONCEIVED ON THE BASIS OF PERSONAL LIBERTY pisses me the fuck off.

The weapon of a terrorist isn't bombs, explosives, or AK-47s. A terrorist's weapon is terror. It is instilling fear in the people. That is how a terrorist wins. I'm scared to call myself American. Congratulations, Mr. Bush. As a President, you fail, but you're victorious as a terrorist.

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