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Hello! Another first-time poster. *waves* :)

Have meant to metaquote elsila for a while, for she consistently cracks my shit up.

Sigh. Some girls have pillowfights and sleepovers. We have transvestite makeout sessions and force icons to hump each other.

Found in this thread.

Ummm, if anyone would, for some reason, like to see the posts with the animated humping mood icons and the dancing Jonathan-Rhys-Meyers penis, let me know. O_O

Also, this post, regarding the new WB show Tarzan, will make you pee your pants.

Jane packs heat
-displays signs of sexual dissatisfaction
-also: poor judge of distances

Tarzan's obvious smelliness goes unremarked upon
-Tarzan indulges in creepy stroking, closeup of Jane's upsetting bellybutton
-Jane's cophair suddenly loose and seductive, possibly...tendril-like?

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