JenX (jenx) wrote in metaquotes,

Catholicism vs. Protestantism

wiredferret was discussing how she views her brand of Christianity:

Really, I'm all about the flat management structure of faith. Me, and God. Jesus is like, I dunno, the guy who got me hired in the first place. But once I got on board with the God company, I report to God, and Jesus is the manager in the recruitment department. Higher than me in the command structure, but not someone I report to. Which is not to say we're not close. He's my friend, he reports to God too, we have some of the same problems, but he's been in the company a lot longer, so he can help me out, and save my butt when I screw up.

Yeah. That may be my weirdest metaphor ever. And there have been some weird ones. Be polite.
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