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"If the twins didn't think it was funny, which they don't seem to have any bitter qualms with it (hell, it's just gettin' a kick out of fangirlism I say), I'm sure that now they can walk with a sort of smug swagger.
Ha ha! We are zee evile delicious twins who will NEVER EVER give j00 TWINCEST HAHA! *Jack Sparrow swagger*"


"I only had one out of 14 new mails in my Inbox that was an actual email.
And it was from LJ telling me someone left a comment.
I am deeply chagrined amused by this. I beg you to please continue not sending me email, for it makes me want to pour cyanide into your Evian water makes our bonds tighter--yes, yes, sweet readers, I know your hearts are with me even in my perilous absence!"

teabeard, here.

Because oh, how I love her.

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