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The problems of authorhood.

My friend cpxbrex is working on a piece of crime fiction and finding that his home state of Maine is not exactly the bustling hub of wrongdoing he'd like for a setting, and mulls moving someplace that will provide him with more material.

Another friend reccomended North Carolina as a place full of, as they put it 'gang and gun action'.

This is his reply:

"See? That'd be great! Tattooed pachucos with knife scars pedalling dope while the racist and corrupt Durham police looks the other way in a web of intrigue and corruption that goes from the trailer park to city hall!

But, y'know, what should I tell Adrienne? "Uh, let's move to Durham, 'cause I heard there's lots of crime." Not really a strong selling point. ;)"

Edited to fix a graveyard shift inspired screwup.

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