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She grew up tall and she grew up right

Some beautiful words from my friend shatna. You really need to read the whole post, but here's a chunk to give you an idea why:

Maymay is a master of made-up malopropisms, meaning nonsense terms that are nonetheless hilariously appropriate when used in context. She never did it to be purposely funny so much as she simply came up with words she liked better than real ones. One such word is "riggedy", which can perhaps be defined as a state in which one feels inferior, worthless and mockworthy, especially when compared to one's better-groomed, more successful peers. Riggedy is seeing all the shiny cartoon lunchboxes the other kids bring to school when all you have is a greasy lunchbag. Riggedy is using brown grocery bag paper to cover your textbooks, Riggedy is wearing brown courdroys with a rip in the knee. Riggedy is being fat, nerdy, retarded, dumb, unathletic or just friendless in a school system that produced one of the famous Enron crooks.

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