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1.) We don't hurt living things

-That includes each other.

-The plants and trees that your parents work very hard at convincing to grow in this barren wasteland are also living things.

-You are a living thing too. Don't deliberately hurt yourself, even if it looks cool. Unauthorized piercings, tattoos, et cetera are against this rule.

-If it's not food, beverage, nutritional supplement or your medicine keep it out of your mouth and other orifices.

-Even if it is food, beverage, nutritional supplement or your medicine keep it out of your ears, nose and any orifices not prescribed by a doctor.

-The distribution of nutritional supplements, medicines and many foods and beverages is an adult decision.

2.) We treat each other with respect

-If you need help, asking for it is preferred to frustrated shrieking. Even if you think you can do it yourself once a responsible adult has declared it a supervised/assisted activity then it is so until further notice.

-Keep your attitude in check; do not inflict drama on others.

-If one party is having fun, and the other participant(s) is/are not, then it's not a game. It may be bullying, teasing or torturing, but it's not playing and it won't be tolerated.

-Lying is generally ten-fold worse than whatever transgression the lie was intended to cover. It's also against this rule. Don't do it.

-We treat each other's space and possessions with respect. Stay out of other people's rooms without permission and/or an escort.

-Let someone know where you are. We don't like to worry about you.

-All destinations beyond the front door require explicit parental consent. Even if the house is on fire, let us know where you are. Especially if the house is on fire let us know where you are.

3.) We take care of our responsibilities.

-Our home is not a democracy.

-Rules can be discussed respectfully, but ultimately the decision will be made by adults.

-Compliance first, discussion later

-Responsibility precedes privilege.

-All residents will contribute to the greater good.

-Some chores are expected as part of the privilege of room and board.

-If you are too sick for school/chores you are too sick to go out and play.

-Allowance is a privilege available only to full-time students.

-Extra money can be earned for extra chores (washing the car, wrapping x-mas presents, et cetera)

-Allowance is subject to withholding if monetary reparations are required to make aright the breaking of any other rules.

4.) We are not wasteful.

-Please taste everything on your plate (Despite considerable temptation I will never serve poison, therefore a bite, or three, won't kill you)

-If you serve yourself, finish it. If someone else serves you eat until you aren't hungry. If you don't know if you like it, only serve yourself enough to taste it. If you like it, you can get seconds.

-Seconds and desserts will not be served until you've finished what you already have on your plate. If there is still food on your plate I will assume you are not hungry.

-Do not destroy things out of boredom or laziness.

-Do, however, accept that some things, especially "found" things, are trash.

-Do not eat things found lying about.

5.) We do appropriate things in their appropriate time and place.

-Do not engage in games, tantrums or other activities likely to be heard by neighboring counties, or beyond the room you are in, between 10 p.m. and 10 a.m.

-My mornings do not begin until after the sun rises. If you are awake and it's still dark that's your problem. I will not entertain you, feed you or otherwise make it my problem. If you've got a problem with that, go back to sleep.

-If you throw it, kick it, ride it, climb it or if it's very messy then it is an outside toy

-Play with outside toys outside

-If it is not an outside toy please do not throw it, kick it, ride it, climb it or make a mess with it.

-Running and yelling are also outdoor activities

-Food and drink are to remain outside or over the kitchen tile at all times (water may be consumed in the bathroom)

-Costumes are not subject to The Dress Code, but are still expected to be appropriate.

6.) We will try to make a good impression

-We will learn and use good manners

The Dress Code-

-We wear clothes when we have company (delivery guys count as company).

-Make-up, dangly earrings and colored finger nails are not approved for children younger than 13.

-The grown-ups will not pay for inappropriate clothes.

-The grown-ups reserve the right to refuse to take anyone dressed as such to any public place. This rule takes precedence over any previous promises of said public places and/or sponsorship thereto.

7.) These rules do not in any way replace local law.

-If it's against the law, don't do it while I am still legally responsible for you.

-The basic rules apply to all residents and guests on our property.

Ya know, I think I"m gonna print this out and tape it to my fridge, like I do with all important-esque documents. :) Thrrnbush has some good ideas there.--IFFy


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