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From the journal of the ever-quotable irradiatedsoup:

I saw Manbat today. I enjoyed it, though not as much as my bat-crazed housemites. Maybe.

Predictably, five minutes in Hope and I started applying Jump Street to everything. Have henceforth decided Bruce Wayne is actually Brian Ganz (punkling from Mean Streets, and pronounced Brain) after he got out of JD school. His hero and confidant is Tom, known as Commitment man, who throws rings at his enemies: --Namely insurance companies.

Doug (aka Suave Bowler) is Katie Holmes, except without the crazy scientologist boyfriend (His boyfriend is Commitment man). Ioki is Lucius. Fueller is Sirius. And Alfred is actually Dakota Fanning whose disguise is Judy Hoffs hair.

Simple, really.

I just cooked some really good mushrooms.

Here is the entry, though I quoted it in its entirety so I don't know why I'm linking...oh well, meh.
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