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The Ten Commandments for Sidewalk-Walking.

A few days ago I asked my friends list if there were universally understood rules for walking on the sidewalk. As usual, it was chaosvizier who came through with the funny:

"And Yahweh spake unto Moses, and said 'Heed my laws, for they shall guide you in the great cities unto the end of days.' And He wrote His commandments on two slabs of pavement. But lo, they were too heavy for Moses, so Yahweh abbreviated His Word somewhat.

1. Upon the sidewalk, thou shalt behave as though it were the road, and lanes shall be established, that the hasty may have dominion over the slow, that those who travel in opposite directions may not come into contact with one another, and that those who power-walk might safely bypass those who gawk."

Commandments 2 through 10 are in the comments of this post.
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