Grand High Supreme and Mighty Empress Connie (conuly) wrote in metaquotes,
Grand High Supreme and Mighty Empress Connie


From a comment made by tyrven in reply to a post in seattle. Found it on my Friend of Friends page.

A terrorist cell associated with the Gay and Lesbian Liberation Front (GLLF) have taken the street hostage. Their exact aims have not been officially declared nor has a leader or spokesperson emerged to make any specific demands, although the media is speculating that this action is intended to gain recognition of their cause. The Homeland Security Terrorist Response Team has been notified and the region has been quarantined as a potential threat to "upstanding American citizens". It has also been rumored that the GLLF may have access to a biological agent which they may use if they are unable to get proper recognition; this agent, if it exists, threatens to turn Good Christians into Flaming Gays with minimal contact. Media coverage is a bit limited right now; officials are trying to prevent mass hysteria over fear of a Gay Apocalypse; until a proper response has been determined, authorities may be positioning this as a "Pride Parade" or some such nonsense.

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