spyderqueen (spyderqueen) wrote in metaquotes,

Honestly, I think I'm quoting her every time she posts.

fallenangelfish on the Matt Lauer interview of Tom Cruise and her commentary on Cruise's attitude:
"Matt, Matt, you silly little wog, you know so little compared to I, the great Tom Cruise. You should be silent and listen to me as I pass on my wisdom, because you are being irrespnsible not knowing the complete history of everything, especially when compared to me, who brings the joy of following the rantings of a crazy man to the entire world, and because of his teachings I now know everything, and am perfect. Oh you silly little Matt Lauer, if only you knew how little you seem to me! You're such a fool! Why, look at you, you won't even shut up and listen to my stupid opinions."

And also:
And btw, in case we were wondering what makes me so smart that I can have a good understanding of other religions, and be able to comfortably say why scientology is crap, well look, if Tom Cruise is the big expert of psychology that he thinks he is, then I am a fucking religious scholar ok?

I had a hard time figuring out what to metaquote out of this. The whole thing is pretty funny

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