Valerie (valliegirl) wrote in metaquotes,

Only naamah_darling can make a random meme thing so funny...

**Caution** Lots of naughty words, not work safe.
This post by naamah_darling got me giggling so hard that I woke people up this morning while dying. All this from a little random meme thing.

"Screw my hatred of links. I now present to you THIS. It is nothing less than the most addictive 'net toy since that game where you slap the penguin.

You just put in a word, and the Sloganizer makes you a nifty little slogan!

«Double Anal, stay in touch.» I prefer to call my mom, thanks.
«Every Double Anal has a story.» Which is why there is home video.
«Double Anal after a long day.» Hey. Whatever gets you through, pal.

«With a name like Multiple Orgasms, it has to be good!» I'd buy that cereal.
«Multiple Orgasms, since 1845.» (Now THAT's some foreplay!)
«Discover the world of Multiple Orgasms.»

«Prostate Massage, I want it all.» Don't we all?
«Prostate Massage know-how.» Gets a big thumbs-up!
«Start the day with Prostate Massage.» But remember, you're still having Double Anal after a long day!

«Step into the light with Satan's Gargantuan Penis.»
«Be inspired by Satan's Gargantuan Penis.»
«Satan's Gargantuan Penis? You bet.»
And, some kind of apotheosis of inappropriate: «Satan's Gargantuan Penis for your kids!»

«The goddess made Buttsex with Heath Ledger.» She certainly did.
«3... 2... 1... Buttsex with Heath Ledger.» We have contact.
«World's finest Buttsex with Heath Ledger.» Is there, like, fierce competition or something?

«Infanticide, created by nature.» I'm stricken dumb with the extreme truth of this statement.
«Infanticide is your friend.» Do those people in your refrigerator tell you to kill?

Here's a catchphrase that never caught on: «Get me my Chickenbutt Viking Hat.»

«Dead Mice - You see this name, you think dirty.» Actually, I just laugh and laugh.

«Sodomy kicks ass.» You can say that again.

«No Torture, no kiss.» I want to know what this is in Latin, because it is my alter ego's motherfucking motto.

«Sloppy Seconds, love it or leave it.» I think this one speaks for itself. Sandwich, anyone?

I had to quit after this one: «Rapetastic!»"

I kinda lost it at "Buttsex with Heath Ledger". Like you need a slogan for that... *L*

Editted... Turns out I was wrong... jmspencer was quoting naamah_darling.. so I changed the post to give credit to the actual evil genius.

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