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New to LJ, first post

I just started my LJ, and one of my friends recommended evilfuzzymonste to me ... it's a liberal political journal with some funny articles. She wrote this one a while ago, but I think it's really funny.

This is a quote from an article she wrote, when she interviewed a friend of hers.

"This decision is a powerful blow to medical marijuana activists as well, because naturally, the stoners have an agenda that is being thrown off-track. Once weed is legalized for medicinal use, absolutely everyone will be toking up at every opportunity. Weed will grow in manicured suburban front lawns, and police vehicles will turn into VW buses. This hasn't yet happened because it's very difficult to obtain marijuana, since it's completely illegal. I had to call around for a whole half-hour to get this eighth of chron yesterday. Shall we?"

Read the whole thing here (it's very funny): http://www.livejournal.com/users/evilfuzzymonste/188950.html

(Sorry if cuts and links are broken, I'm new to HTML - hopefully, they'll work, since I have a friend looking over my shoulder and correcting me.)



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