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Gray Icing

Ganked from customers_suck , originally posted by redrightankle :

an actual conversation i had today while i was answering the phones..

me: ::normal greeting::
lady: yeah, hi. how do you make gray?
me: excuse me?
lady: well, i'm frosting a cake and i need to make gray icing.
me: ::is blown away by the stupid:: you mix black and white to make gray.
lady: can you mix any other colors? i don't have black.
me: ...i'm sure if you mix a bunch of colors together you might get a gray-ish tone.
lady: yeah but do you know what colors?
me: nooo...
lady: oh well alright then. ::hangs up::

...okay seriously? wtf? you're calling a supermarket to ask what colors to mix to make gray? i just...don't know about some people.


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