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Ask a stupid question...

Over on ask_me_anything, a question is asked about whether having a lot of anal sex will degrade your asshole to the point of basically not being there.

peeling_oranges offers some first-hand knowledge:
As a gay man, I consider myself something of an authority on the asshole -- and your doctor is a schmuck. If too much anal sex had that kind of effect, by this point in my life I'd be able to turn myself inside out like a Popple***. My sphincter muscle is actually MUCH stronger (and therefore tighter) than it was years ago.

This is amusing on it's own, but it's the footnote that takes the cake

***If you don't know what a Popple is, then you're too young to be reading about ass-stretching, so go away.

EDIT: For those unfamiliar with Popples. They were small plush dolls that could be turned inside-out, putting the doll inside a pouch, basically.

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