Rush-That-Speaks (rushthatspeaks) wrote in metaquotes,

Syonakeleste has seen Batman Begins...

... and has waxed hilarious. Here are some excerpts:

Random Mountain Denizen: Hi. I speak English.

Bruce: ::shrug:: Doesn't everyone?

Ducard: To become a Jedi, you must first dismiss your fears.

Bruce: To become a what?

Ducard: To become a ninja.

Bruce: Didn't you just say--

Ducard: Ninja. I said ninja.

Bruce (B): Don't worry, darling. A reckless car chase is just the thing to keep you from succumbing to the effects of those panic-inducing hallucinogens.

The Romantic Interest: ::froths at the mouth::

Bruce (B): And it's not inconsistent at all with my non-lethal attitude and respect for the existing bodies of law to drive over police cars with my tank.

TRI: ::overcome by this logic, froths at the mouth::

More may be found at her Batman Begins In Five Minutes entry. Very, very spoilery, and well worth a look.

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