the essence of everything (lisaofdoom) wrote in metaquotes,
the essence of everything

not really a funny quote, but I think it's worthwhile anyway.

rodia on the visible and vocal Christian leaders and their rules, in the comments on a post of mine:

I mean, I can understand wanting to follow the word of God. But there has to be balance, and beating up someone who is a sinner doesn't make you a just makes you a worse sinner. I think maybe these people are taking the easy way out. Because those rules they call attention to...don't concern them in the first place. If you're not gay, you don't suffer much trauma by accepting a rule that says being gay isn't okay. Instead, you can go further and attack the gay people!

[...] And the rules that do concern them are conveniently ignored. The small seemingly unimportant rules that concern anybody. Like, be good to people. Don't be greedy. Be humble. They're too vague and people brush them off...the gay one is so specific they grab on to it, and they automatically feel sooo much better because it doesn't apply to them, so they must be really good Christians!

I'd like to see a positive demonstration for once. One that doesn't say gay people are an abomination but one that says 'let's be nice to each other!' however that would mean the people would actually have to work on their faults, and that's too much of a hassle.

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