Fortune depends on the tone of your voice (bopeepsheep) wrote in metaquotes,
Fortune depends on the tone of your voice

the_warwick is an extraordinarily sanguine chap.

Ooh magic smoke
Lightning hit the office. We all went deaf for a while and the network went bye bye. My boss' machine burst into flames as did the CEO's. We lost one UPS, a couple of switches, some PSUs in the servers and a couple of network cards in servers. The servers didn't fail over onto the non-fried network cards and needed a reboot, but under the circumstances I'll forgive them since they're running. The dead PCs can be attributed to the fact that they have TV cards and the aerial is on top of the building.

All in all not a bad result. I didn't even have to think about bringing a spare server online.

Current mood: relaxed

Locked entry, quoted with permission.

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