Nobody said it was easy (copperbadge) wrote in metaquotes,
Nobody said it was easy

During a discussion of preserved human hair and other things on my journal:

lacylu42: A friend of mine worked for the Harvard Medical Museum, and, while cleaning out a back room one day, she found a human head in a jar. And nobody quite knew whose head it was...

lots42: If I found a human head in a jar, I would drop it and run until I could not possibly run any more

abigail_nicole: If I found a head in a jar, I'd put it on a necklace and wear it all the time.

Anonymous comment: I wish my jam came in a jar that big.

lacylu42: Oddly enough, I have multiple head-in-a-jar stories [...] Why oh why do I have multiple head-in-jar stories??

hija_paloma: That statement alone is enough to make me, knowing absolutely nothing else about you, want to be friends with you forever.

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